Crankcase emissions are a mixture of unburned fuel, raw exhaust and oil vapour.

Liability: Crankcase gasses are vented to the atmosphere which is wasteful, contributes to climate change and a risk to air emission compliance. Asset: Vent gas is cleaned and consumed as engine fuel. Sustaining a crankcase vacuum makes the engine run better and extends service intervals. Exhaust


Converts wasted crankcase BTUs into fuel

Minimizes risk of VOC noncompliance penalties

Cuts vented GHG emissions

Reduces engine oil leaks

Maintains steady crankcase


Simple Installation, Quick Payback!!!

Potential Fuel Savings:

139,056 BTU/hr x 8500 hr/yr x $4/MMBTU = $4,728/yr

Potential GHG Reductions:

2.78 kgCH4/hr x 21 GWPCH4 x 8500 hr/yr x $15/Tonne = $7,443.45/yr


ExactAir Compliance Systems Inc.