Catalytic Converter

Housings (industry leaders are DCL & CCC)

o Stainless steel doesn’t warp or swell with heat (carbon steel okay for silencer)

o Front loaded gasket design eliminates blow-by and makes replacing elements easy

o Mounted at 45 ͦ angle for changing elements

Elements (industry leader is CCC)

o Vacuum brazed substrates offer unsurpassed physical integrity; no sag, telescope or nest

o Stabilized washcoat

o Precious metal loading; how much, how evenly spread

o C-channel banding design and handle

o Typical catalyst failure causes: overheating, masking, poisoning, misfires & bypass leakage

Catalyst Element Components


Effect of Lambda on 3-way Catalyst Performance



Effect of Bypass Leakage on 3-way Catalyst Performance